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Kaleo Academy is a five-day educational program designed to teach teenagers creative and technical skills in a variety of areas, including creative writing, movie making, graphic design, pitching, public speaking, and entrepreneurship. Our program is designed to be fun, engaging, and educational, and is open to all teenagers who are interested in developing their skills and exploring their creativity.

In addition to offering a range of workshops and activities, Kaleo Academy also provides a supportive and inclusive community where teenagers can connect with other like-minded individuals. The program is designed to foster collaboration and encourage participants to share their ideas and insights with others.

The core theme of this year’s academies will be the use of digital tools that are transforming the world and the way we work in everyday life, schools, and businesses. We will focus on practical tasks and real challenges that young people face in today’s modern digital environment.

The main supporter of this year’s academy is the company HIDRIA, with whom we jointly create a program for young people who will soon enter the job market and shape the future of successful companies in Slovenia.

At Kaleo Academy, we believe that every teenager has the potential to be a leader and make a positive impact on the world. By providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, we hope to inspire and empower young people to pursue their passions and achieve their goals.

What to expect from the 5-day program?

Our program includes a variety of workshops and activities that are designed to be both challenging and fun. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire practical skills for the future, such as using artificial intelligence tools, creative writing, creating video content, graphic design, building basic websites, public speaking, fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and developing digital literacy.

Whether they are interested in a career in the digital technology industry or simply wish to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills, Kaleo Academy has something for them. They will work in teams to develop their own projects and present them to a panel of judges at the end of the program.

Our curriculum is designed to be flexible and adaptable, so that participants can choose the workshops and activities that best suit their interests and goals. Whether they are interested in a career in the digital technology industry or simply wish to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills, Kaleo Academy has something for them.

We believe that every teenager deserves the opportunity to explore their creativity and develop their skills, which is why we offer a limited number of scholarships and financial assistance to those who qualify.


Price and dates 2024



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*Payment possible in 3 instalments.


Celtra, Kongresni trg 3, 1000 Ljubljana


Session 1: 1.7. 2024 – 5.7. 2024 (Monday – Friday)

Session 2: 26.8. 2024 – 30.8. 2024 (Monday – Friday) 

*The price includes: a spot in the program, lunch and snacks every day, company visits, afternoon social and sports activities, as well as all other educational materials (such as exclusive educational handbook of Kaleo Academy, software licenses, etc.). Transportation costs to and from the Kaleo Academy location are not included.

*Recommendations: Participants are required to bring their own laptop and/or tablet as well as their mobile phone. Some of the practical workshops will be carried out using their own tools, so that they can use the acquired knowledge even after the completion of the course. In case a participant does not have their own laptop or smartphone, they should notify the organiser before the start of the program. The organiser will try to provide the appropriate equipment for the participant, but this is not guaranteed.

Mentors, instructors

Our experienced team of mentors and instructors is passionate about helping young people reach their full potential. They have years of experience in their respective fields and are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of creators and innovators. This is a description of last year’s lecturers and mentors, which will be updated continuously until the beginning of the Kaleo Academy in July 2024.

Jerneja Faletič - Digital marketing expert

Workshop: Creative writing za digitalni marketing

Jerneja is an experienced digital marketing expert specializing in consulting and implementing content and communication strategies, with a particular focus on integrating technical platforms for marketing automation and supporting communication across various digital channels. A humanist by nature and by training, she is also passionate about the teachings of behavioural economics and psychology, as well as sustainability issues, in addition to technology and the digital world. She loves and respects the power of words and communication, and is always discovering new ways to achieve any set goals through effective communication.”

Peter Jenko - Video creator & influencer

Workshop: Creating video and film content

Peter Jenko creates videos in all forms and formats. In recent years, he has been primarily active in the field of video marketing with his agency Jens. The key questions he asks himself daily are how to add value to the viewer, how not to waste their time, and how to stand out from the flood of content. As he writes this description, he has not yet found definitive answers to these questions. However, he is convinced that he is getting closer to finding them with each new video.

Gaja Kuščer - Singer & songwriter in the music band Regen

Conversation with a guest: From Dreams to a Career - How Young People Can Create Their Own Successful Stories

Gaja Kuščer began her story under the stage name Regen a few years ago, when she uploaded the songs she had recorded at home with a microphone, a guitar, a keyboard and a computer to YouTube. The band Regen has evolved into a recognizable cross-genre identity, combining melancholic, dreamy melodies with lively rhythms and instrumentals reminiscent of the 1980s. Since 2019, Regen has consisted of a group of five young musicians from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Their first single, “Wine”,” immediately caught the attention of radio stations, critics and listeners.

Saša Špiler - Expert in digital advertising & graphic designer

Workshop: Graphic Design

Saša is a creative at heart who has anchored her career in digital marketing, where she is involved on a daily basis with strategy development, marketing campaign planning and execution, website creation, graphic design and copywriting. She currently manages the marketing department at FirstClass recruitment agency, while her past experience includes mobility, travel and mobile applications. In her free time you can meet her in the company of friends or in different parts of the world, as her great passion is traveling, which gives her energy and inspiration and allows her to express herself artistically through photography, videos and content writing.

Alexandru Curilov - Senior Media Content Strategist

Workshop: Public Speaking and Presenting (ANG)

Alexadru works as a Senior Media Content Strategist at Outfit 7. He is a passionate professional “impostor” who lives by one rule – create something every day, regardless of the creative medium used. He is a film director (mostly), a writer, an artist, a furniture maker and a fashion enthusiast of sorts. He loves old cars and old things in general. He is a pathological restorer and repairer of things that no one needs anymore.

Marko Maučec - Expert in gamification of digital content

Interview with a guest: The Future Technologies

Maja Somrak - Data scientist & programmer


Anastasia Sorgo - New age Lawyer & creator of digital content

Program assistant and mentor

Anastasia is a person with a thousand interests and goals who has made her way in various Slovenian startups and state institutions. She is a lawyer with a great passion for entrepreneurship, characterised by a creative streak. She is currently working with the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana as part of EIT Digital, where she mentors young entrepreneurial talent along with other experts in entrepreneurship and digital innovation. She firmly believes that work and career are not everything. That’s why in her spare time you can find her painting on canvases with brush in hand, meeting her at sci-fi conventions, and occasionally catching her playing video games – which is not just fun for young people!

Anuška Cerovšek Beltram - Entrepreneur, CEO Kaleo Explore

Program lead and mentor

Anuška is an entrepreneur and co-founder of three brands and companies – STA Potovanja, Travel Starter and Nomago. While still a student, she combined her business knowledge with her passion for travel and tourism, setting sail early in the world of entrepreneurship. On her business path, she focused primarily on talent and team development, strategic marketing, education and mentoring. Kaleo Explore is her latest venture. Together with colleagues, she has developed a program that teaches young people practical digital skills. She believes these skills are critical and that teens will need them in any situation. Writing a good brief, creating a presentation flyer or video, and knowing how to present it to peers in school or later in business will become increasingly important. This is exactly the reason why Kaleo Academy was founded.


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Workshops and skills

Creative writing

Creative writing is the art of using language to express original and imaginative ideas, feelings, and experiences. The goal of creative writing is not only to convey information, but also to engage and entertain the reader or listener, evoke emotion, and stimulate thought. In this workshop, youth will learn the most common creative writing techniques, how to develop a story, how to convey key information that engages the reader, and how to properly craft a message and/or story for a specific target audience. Participants will be encouraged to be creative, listen to their voice, and write from the heart while maintaining the message they want to convey. They will learn how to develop the plot of a story, how to describe the main characters, and much more.

The goal of this workshop is to get teens thinking and expressing their curiosity while developing their writing skills and learning how to express their thoughts in general.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an important skill that helps individuals navigate complex issues, solve problems, and make correct decisions based on logical reasoning and evidence-based analysis. It is a key component of education and professional development as it enables individuals to think independently, communicate effectively, and make thoughtful decisions in both personal and professional contexts. In the workshop, participants will learn various skills and techniques to improve their critical thinking skills, such as analyzing and interpreting information, evaluating evidence, and more. Problem solving and decision making are also important for all other professions, which is why we have included them in our program.

The goal of the workshop is to acquire important tools and techniques to improve analytical skills and logical thinking to make better decisions in personal and professional life.

Creating video and film content

Lights, camera, action! In today’s digital world, videos are one of the most important sources of entertainment as well as a powerful educational tool. Almost 60% of online content is in video format, which is not hard to understand considering that platforms like YouTube or TikTok are by far the most visited websites. Recent studies have also shown that video education is undoubtedly more engaging than traditional lectures, which puts e-learning materials and video courses at the forefront of online media. In this workshop, teenagers will have the opportunity to learn and practice basic filmmaking techniques to create their own short videos. The program includes hands-on learning experiences, group collaboration, and guidance from professional filmmakers. Participants will develop a basic understanding of filmmaking techniques and terminology, develop their creative skills by designing a story (partially covered in Monday’s session) and shooting their first stories.

The goal of this workshop is to gain hands-on experience in creating and editing video footage. No previous filmmaking experience is necessary as we will start from the beginning.

Graphic design

Imagine how many different ads you have seen today… all the colors, lines, images, and concepts. What feelings did you experience? What thoughts were going through your mind at that moment? Graphic design is the art of creating visual content to convey ideas, messages or information to a specific audience. It’s a broad field that covers a wide range of products, including print, digital and multimedia. Whether it’s web design, advertising, or even branding, graphic design skills can be extremely useful in understanding the story behind the product we are trying to develop or sell.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to create some graphic designs using the Canva online tool and apply some basic rules for colors and lines. They will learn how to create appealing graphics in different environments, the basics of branding and how to tell stories with images.

Public speaking and presenting

Public speaking is an essential skill in many professional and personal environments. Regardless of the profession or job, there will undoubtedly be occasions in our lives when we must take the stage and speak in front of a larger group of people. In this course, students will learn how to prepare for a successful presentation or speech. They will learn how to give a perfect speech that engages the audience, how to use body language effectively, and how to speak clearly and confidently. No presentation is complete without a strong visual representation, so youth will also learn how to create their own presentation using various tools (such as Canva, MS PowerPoint, etc.).

The goal is to introduce students to a concept and/or idea and use the online program Canva to create a presentation that supports that message. Students will learn how to “present” this idea in 5 minutes and will also be introduced to the Canva presentation tool.

The workshop will be conducted in English.

Future Technologies

Would you believe us if we told you this was written by an artificial intelligence? New advanced technologies are shaping our world at the speed of light. To use them, we must first understand and apply them. In this talk, participants will learn about the latest and fastest emerging technologies today, such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and others.

The lecture will be conducted with a combination of presentations and hands-on projects using the ChatGPT online tool. In addition, the focus will be on critical thinking and problem solving skills in the classroom. We will encourage students to think about the social and ethical implications of new technologies and how they can be used to solve real world problems.


Entrepreneurship encompasses a variety of skills that are useful in different areas, such as risk-taking, innovation, and a strong desire to succeed. Entrepreneurs identify opportunities and take calculated risks to create new products, services, or businesses that solve problems or meet market needs. Entrepreneurship is especially important for economic growth and development because it creates jobs, promotes innovation, and stimulates competition. It also allows individuals to pursue their passions and find their own path to success. Entrepreneurship is an extremely useful skill and mindset that is necessary for building successful relationships. In addition to the technical aspects of entrepreneurship, the workshop emphasizes the importance of creativity, innovation, and problem solving; all of which are skills that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box and propose unique and original business ideas.

Teenagers will learn about entrepreneurship through practical group work. Through this experience, they will acquire valuable skills such as teamwork, planning, implementation, and promotion of business ideas. This will encourage their creativity and innovation, which will benefit them in the future.



Anuška Cerovšek Beltram

Anuška Cerovšek Beltram

Creative Director

Anastasia Sorgo

Anastasia Sorgo

Digital Ninja Master

Saša Špiler

Saša Špiler

Advertising Wizard

Jerneja Faletič

Jerneja Faletič

Marketing Guru

Anamarija Čuden

Anamarija Čuden

Design Managerka


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